It's World Tourism Day today!

It's a great opportunity to recognise the importance travel plays in the international community. The ability to travel and experience new countries, diverse cultures and unspoiled beauty is so valuable to us all. Take every opportunity to travel that comes your way with both hands.

There are so many activities and experiences out there waiting for you to discover them. Just give me a call and we can start planning your next adventure, whether it be a holiday of a lifetime or a cottage in the UK.

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With so many stories in the press about struggling travel agents and online travel companies, I thought I would share some testimonials from my clients about the service they have received from me:


Kate is a lovely lady, and brilliant at her job. She has helped us on various occasions, and has always come up with excellent holiday packages. She is very professional as well as friendly and helpful. We would not consider going back to a regular High street travel shop at all; why would we when we always get a smile from our friendly and professional Kate Self.

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A couple of weeks ago, I gave you the clue :

I'm going to hell and back. Where am I going?

The answer was - Grand Cayman

and the winner is - MEGAN WRIGGLEY of Camberley.

Megan, your prize is on it's way to you.

Read my next blog to hear all about what I got up to and what I thought of the places I visited.


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Summer is here and the sun is shining, which means I am off to learn about another destination to share with you, my valued clients.

As always, I am running a competition to see if you can guess where I am going and on my return, all will be revealed with a synopsis of my trip.
So, here is your clue...........

In this destination, I am going to Hell. But where am I?

The first person to get the correct answer will receive a special gift from this destination. So send me your answers either by email to , commenting at on this blog or tweet me at @Kate_atTCTravel on Twitter.

I'll see you when I get back from Hell and Good Luck!!


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I’ve just returned from an educational trip to Malta with my fellow Travel Counsellors. A very early start from Gatwick gave us 3 full days in Malta and I regret to say it simply was not enough.

Although Malta is a very small island you need at least a week to make the most of all it has to offer. As the purpose of our trip was to see as much as possible our time was rather jam packed! In brief our itinerary saw us visit:
9 hotels/resorts
A walking tour of the capital Valletta which included a history of Malta show
A boat tour of Valletta’s harbors

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Details of the Do Tell The Bride! event at the Holiday Inn Winchester are below. To book for this free event or for more information, please contact the Holiday Inn Winchester on 0871 942 9188.

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15 March 2013


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If you are planning on travelling .. watch this ... 

The Booster Bag Scam will make you think twice about where you
set your purse or bag down in an airport, hotel, coffee shop, or anywhere else a thief might be lurking.

I had never heard of this scam until seeing this video demonstration
and can see how easy it would be to pull off. If the scam artist is using a pretty girl as his accomplice, I'm pretty sure most men would fall

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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited for a preview visit to The View from the Shard in London, which when you are on the 72nd floor, you are in the highest building view point in Western Europe.

The View is situated at the top of The Shard, on floors 68, 69 and 72, and almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in London. Prepare to embark on a multi-sensory journey to 244m (800ft) above of one of the greatest cities on earth. On arrival at Level 00, you will be drawn into the tapestry of London with glimpses of the city laid out before you. Travelling skyward in two high-speed ‘kaleidoscopic’ lifts, you’ll swiftly reach Level 68 - a cloudscape above the world

Opening on the 1st February 2013, tickets can be pre-booked at a price of £24.95 per adults and £18.95 per child. Infants are free of charge.

Also opening in The Shard will be a 200 room Shangri La Hotel, several restaurants and bars , office spaces and some apartments with a value of £50 million!

If you are up in London, don't have a fear of heights (like me!) and want something different to do, I would definately recommend a vist to the Shard with lunch or dinner at the traditional Italian Restaurant, Giuseppe's which is just round the corner as well.

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We all look forward to our hard earned holidays and want the best holiday for the budget we have. The internet always advertises "deals". So why should you trust me and Travel Counsellors?

Below are some testimonials I  have received recently:

Kate gave fantastic, professional and speedy service! She worked out of hours to get the tickets booked in record time and it took such a weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend her. CW, Winchester

Kate is always extremely helpul and long suffering when we ask her to check out various places, we rate her very highly. The Turners, Surrey

She makes everything so easy. Brilliant. Rhi, Winchester

Excellent holiday and brilliant service : ). Thank you Kate. Philippa, Stockbridge

She has been very helpful and professional in booking up our Honeymoon. R&P, Eastleigh

Kate Self is very thorough and thoughtful when searching for holidays for us. We are extremely grateful to have someone that we can trust, and also be honest with each other. This means if we disagree with something, Kate and I are able to talk it through in comfortable fashion. We wouldn't consider using anyone else. Mo and Dave, Chandler's Ford

Kate is exceptional! She has, on a number of occasions, arranged travel and holidays for colleagues of mine, for my brother, for my friends and for my family. On each and every occasion she has excelled. She has ironed out the most difficult of problems very professionally, and sought out and sorted out the very best of deals. If only every travel consultant was even half as good, booking holidays would be much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.Thanks Kate. Mike and Janet, Northamptonshire

I don't charge to talk to you and I don't charge to quote your holiday. Whilst all that you book being financially protected, now is the time to compare the internet with your personal and dedicated Travel Counsellor.

Give me a call today!

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