We have been made aware of recent environmental schemes that have now launched in the French cities of Paris, Lyon and Grenoble.


It is now mandatory that all vehicles (registered either in France or abroad) will need to obtain an Air Quality Certificate to be able to drive in central Paris, Lyon or Grenoble. Successful applicants will receive a Crit’Air pollution sticker which must be displayed in the vehicle at all times to avoid a fine.


There are restrictions on older vehicles (currently those registered before 2001) driving during peak hours, within each of the cities above. The restrictions vary per city and often depends on the current city’s pollution levels. Newer cars or those with low emissions do not currently face restrictions providing the pollution stickers are visibly displayed in the vehicle.


If you are wishing to drive within central Paris, Lyon or Grenoble with your own vehicle (not registered in France) you will need to apply for an Air Quality Certificate by clicking the following link



We have been assured that all rental cars in these areas will have valid air quality certificates and stickers fitted and no action will be required to be taken by the driver.

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