We are aware that the 60th Anniversary of The Treaty Of Rome will take place on 25th March in Rome.


Many important high profile Government officials from across the EU are likely to be present at the event and as such a heightened security level and some local travel restrictions are to be in place.


The city of Rome will be divided into two super controlled areas:


BLUE ZONE starting from 19:00h of 23 March 2017, including:

piazza Venezia - piazza della Madonna di Loreto - piazza Foro Traiano - via dei Fori Imperiali - via San Pietro in Carcere - via del Campidoglio -

via del Monte Tarpeo - via della Consolazione - piazza della Consolazione - vico Jugario - via del Teatro Marcello - via Montanara - piazza Campitelli -

via Cavalletti - via dei Delfini - via dei Polacchi - via delle Botteghe Oscure - via Celsa - piazza del Gesù - via del Plebiscito - piazza Venezia.


GREEN ZONE starting from 06:00h of 25 March 2017, including:

piazza San Bernardo - largo di Santa Susanna - via Barberini - piazza Barberini - via del Tritone - largo Chigi - via del Corso - via Cesare Battisti -

piazza Madonna di Loreto - piazza Foro Traiano - via Magnanapoli - via Quattro Novembre - largo Magnanapoli - via Nazionale - via Torino - piazza San Bernardo.


The above two zones include the very high sensitive areas of the Capitol (place of celebrations) and the Quirinal (Headquarter of Italian President).

These two sensitive areas will be 24hrs no-stop limited to vehicular and pedestrian circulations, with security check-points.

It is possible that during this time, transfers may not be able to pick up or drop off at hotels in these areas.

We therefore advise that all clients should contact the local transfer provider to re-confirm all bookings ( except those for arrival at the airport to be transferred into Rome) in case of any changes to pick up times and / or locations.

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