A number of American carriers have now commenced flights to Cuba from the United States; these are available for you to book via Travel Counsellors.

As a reminder, although these flights are available for you to book , please be aware visa restrictions for travel do apply to these services for all passengers.

 All travel to Cuba through of from a US Territory requires every passenger to meet all conditions of entry to Cuba from the US – even if a customer’s first point of travel originates from outside the United States (e.g. Europe, Asia, Australia etc).

Entry to Cuba for Tourism purposes is not permitted for all travellers on direct flights from the US, regardless of nationality – Cuban Tourist Visas will not be accepted for travel and passengers will be refused travel at the point of origin.

For all non-Cuban nationals the only permitted reasons for travel on direct services from the US are the following with the appropriate visa held:


-          Family visits

-          Official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments and certain intergovernmental organisations

-          Journalistic activities

-          Professional research or professional meetings

-          Educational activities and people-to-people exchanges

-          Religious activities

-          Public performance, clinics, workshops, athletic or other competitions and exhibitions

-          Support for the Cuban people

-          Humanitarian projects

-          Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes

-          Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or informational materials

-          Travel related to certain authorised export transactions


Many of the airlines operating direct services from the USA to Cuba, do also require additional information before travel, please check with the relevant carrier as to what additional information they need should you confirm a booking.



Should you have any queries as to the validity of your Cuban visa, we would recommend contacting the local Cuban Embassy for further information.

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